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Project Description
A full-featured wiki implemented in MVC 4 with an embedded IronPython based DSL for user scripting, including a document management capability with versioning.

An installed version of the wiki is at LynxWiki. This is not a high capacity server and is connected to the Internet via a 30km+ wireless link limited to .5mbs uplink. The page TestPage is a brief demo of the IronPython emmbedded scripting in use, based on the Domain Specific Language for a wiki

LynxWiki Feature Page gives complete details of the application capabilities. This application has most of the capabilities of the most popular wiki hosts and has scripting capabilities that none of them have. The application only uses a SQL Express implementation for User Membership and Roles, with the wiki data stored in the file system. Text indexing is implemented using an integration with Lucene.Net

Developer Install Notes ensure to read before trying to use

Version has been released. There were no breaking changes from prior versions. Be sure to read the Installation Notes before deploying as there are new components that need to be added to the web environment.

Version has been updated to to fix subdirectory topics, getting only unrestricted read topics and a missing app setting in the web.config file (see Syndication Installation Notes). Version has an update to fix a bug in ExportDirectory Listings. Version has updates to the Search Page indexing functions introduced with Version has updates to Namespace access control and to fix a regression intorduced in on accessing a legacy attachment. Version has updates to fix bugs related to access controls on attachments. Version has updates for Table formatting to include TableCellWrap. Version has fixes for file upload size control and restricting use of Glimpse module to logged in WikiAdmin users. Glimpse will work in local or remote conditions.

See Syndication Installation Notes before deploying and changes in Installation Notes and Syndication Installation Notes.

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