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Developer Install Notes

See LynxWikiInstallationNotes
Also see LynxWikiSyndicationInstallationNotes
  • VS 2012 should be opened with 'Run as Administrator' before opening the solution. This step is necessary as IIS is required.
  • The tfs local path should be C:\LynxWiki-root
  • Security on the directory C:\LynxWiki-root\LynxWiki\WikiRoot should be set to Modify for 'Network Service'
  • Set the Application Pool (v4.0 Integrated) of IIS that will be used for this application so that 32-bit processes are allowed. The application will run in 64-bit but edit and dsiplay of pages will be significantly slower due to performance issues with Regex in 64-bit
  • if deploying on a server to run outside of VS 2012 then there should be a directory C:\LynxWiki-root\LynxWiki\App_Data with the App_Data files in it and security set to allow 'Network Service' to read those files
  • if deploying to a server then the directory WikiRoot in the Virtual directory should have 'IIS_IUSRS' set to Modify
  • there must be a directory 'WikiRoot\WikiDir' that is used as the base for the wiki topics and sub-directories
  • the role 'WikiAdmin' must be in the ASP.Net Membership. Any user that you want to access the Index admin functions must be assigned the 'WikiAdmin' role.
  • there should be a directory Attachments below the LynxWiki directory. This should have a sub-directory called 'uploads' and there should be 3 sub-directories under this:
    • images
    • docs
    • misc
    • videos
  • the Attachments directory should have read and write permissions for Network Service user
  • version added an AppSetting in web.config called CaptchaRequiredOnEdit
  • version has added a number of of AppSettings needed for the ParserEngine and optional Syndication Feeds
  • the Syndication Feeds are in a separate project and require a different web application deployment
  • TEX Fonts can be downloaded from
  • Version added a number of web.config settings document in the Installation notes above
  • DotNetZip library has been added to provide the capability to create zip archives from code.
  • Version adds a Web API 64-bit component

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